Changing the default classic admin theme to the Reno theme

Posted 20th Sep 2017

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In this guide, we'll be changing the default classic admin theme to the very popular Reno theme.

Admin > Modules > Core (tab)

Install the Reno module.

Reno theme installation
Reno theme installation Zoom


 * Default admin theme
 * Module name of default admin theme for guest and users that haven't already selected one
 * Core options include: **AdminThemeDefault** or **AdminThemeReno**.
 * Additional options will depend on what other 3rd party AdminTheme modules you have installed.
 * @var string
$config->defaultAdminTheme = 'AdminThemeReno';

Refresh your page, and bingo! Enjoy your new admin theme!

Reno theme installed
Reno theme installed Zoom

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