URL segments and the page reference field

Posted 16th Dec 2017

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Showing you what URL segments are and ways to use them. This guide also introduces the page reference field as it works well with categorisation.

Thanks to PW forum member kongondo for posting this guide about categorising content which was very helpful when I first started.

So what do we want?

  • A page that lists a bunch of cats (template=cat-index).
  • Ability to add single cat pages (template=cat-entry) with an image (image field) and a way of setting the type (page reference field).
  • A template to hold the page reference field for cat attributes i.e. persian, siamese, tabby etc.

What are we going to make?

We're going to create a small project which demonstrates URL segments and the page reference field.

This is what we will be building
This is what we will be building Zoom

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